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Basic Hand Pumps Are A Treasure

You lost electricity in the last storm and could not get water or flush the toilet. Contact Leed's Well Drilling & Geothermal Drilling to install a hand pump on your property; with power or none, you'll still have access to water.

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 •  Saves electricity

 •  Works when the power is out

 •  Helps you prepare for emergencies

 •  It has a small environmental footprint

 •  Old-fashioned style available

 •  Built to last

 •  Creates a sentimental or nostalgic feeling

Discover The Benefits Of A Hand Pump

We've been serving this area for 35 years. You can trust that we're locally owned, hardworking, dependable, and honest.


Whether you need a pump repaired, a well drilled, or a well filled, call us for expert, fast service. We have 2 rigs and can often get a well drilled within 1 day. Call now for a FREE estimate.

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