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Wells Designed And Created By Our Team

You thought it takes only a call to have a new well installed – it's much more complicated than that. At Leed's Well Drilling & Geothermal Drilling, our experienced team will effectively drill your well anywhere.

Jetting Well Drilling

 •  Augering or driving

 •  Hand percussion

 •  Jetting

 •  Rotary drilling

 •  Percussion drilling

 •  Sludging

 •  Down-the-hole hammer drilling

We Analyze Your Property And Give You Options

Your water may be right below the surface or several hundred feet down and hidden under a variety of stones.


No matter what it is that needs to be done, we have what it takes to get the water efficiently and cost effectively. Call for your FREE estimate and let our 35 years of experience drill your well.

Basic Well Drilling

2 generations of excellence!

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